The Newcomer’s Guide to Poultry Breeds:


Do you know your Rhode Island Red from your New Hampshire Red? Are you looking to take the steps from hybrid layers into the world of fascinating and productive pure breeds? If so, this is the E-book for you.

With a vast amount of experience of each breed covered, author Grant Brereton looks at the many different options when it comes to colourful and productive pets for your garden. With a collection of rare photos and and a breed overview, including availability, egg numbers, and other statistics, this E-book is the perfect entry guide to the world of pure breed poultry.

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Making New Colours

(The original E-Book)

The hugely popular ‘Making New Colours’ is available here only: sent as a PDF attachment to an email on receipt of purchase. Since its birth in 2006 this e-book has sold all over the world and helped countless breeders with their projects.

It is set out in story book format and details many new colours of the Wyandotte breed, with the necessary crosses required to create them. With a deliberate sidestep of technical speak, this e-book is the perfect stepping stone to having a better understanding

of how the genes in poultry work.

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Making New Colours 2 - Now available for purchase...

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  Making New Colours 2  

            Segment 1

Making New Colours 2   

       Segments 2&3

Making New Colours 2

       All 3 Segments

Making New Colours 1 plus all 3 Segments of Making New Colours 2

Since ‘Making New Colours 1’ was released in 2006, there have been many advances, not just in technical terms, but a great number of my own and other people’s projects have come to fruition. This e-book covers many of them. Unlike the first one, ‘Making New Colours 2’ is full of illustrative photographs and detailed explanations of how the genes work and interact, using the pics as examples. It is the perfect follow up to the first one and answers many questions for those with an interest in poultry plumage genetics. You can purchase it here by clicking one of the options below...

If you prefer digital reading rather than in paperback form, this e-book is perfect for you.

It has all the content of the book and will be accessible from a link to a page of PDFs - which you will download to your computer.

There are 20 chapters in this E-Book and it has many attractive photographs. The advice includes getting started with breeding right through to washing and preparing your birds for show, and everything in-between.

The Foreword is by TV star, Adam Henson.

Breeding For Success:



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